CPA Manitoba is the professional regulatory body for the CPA profession in the province.

Under The Chartered Professional Accountants Act of Manitoba, CPA Manitoba has the responsibility to regulate all matters including competency, professional conduct, discipline and the provision of professional services by its members, candidates, students, professional corporations and firms.

CPA Manitoba is also required to establish and enforce professional standards, standards of academic achievement and other qualifications required for registration as a member, candidate or student.

CPA Manitoba protects the public interest by:

  • setting education and experience standards to become a CPA;
  • setting education and experience standards to provide professional services to the public;
  • setting and enforcing high professional and ethical standards;
  • promoting and increasing competence of members by providing a comprehensive program of learning opportunities;
  • enforcing the continuing competency of members;
  • enforcing practice standards and code of professional conduct of registrants; and
  • providing a means by which complaints can be dealt with in a fair and efficient way by investigating and adjudicating complaints against members.

Members are strongly encouraged to stay apprised of the latest developments in the profession and updates to governing legislation.