A Passion for the Profession

CPAs can be found in every industry, being experts at more than numbers – and they’re great with those, too.

Every month, CPA Manitoba spotlights the diverse and dedicated professionals that prove CPA is more than a designation. 

It’s not only my passion for the profession that drives me to empower others and showcase the impact CPAs can make on their community. It is the people.

When Doug Einarson graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce, he knew one thing for certain: empowering those around you and focusing on goals that constantly challenge your capabilities was the best way to build a strong skill set.

It’s fair to say that he has taken that to heart, and pairs his skills with the values of integrity, constant improvement, fun and belief in the power of teamwork. 

No matter the challenge, Doug remains undaunted. After a tremendously successful career, Doug ascended to his current role of Board Chair for CPA Manitoba and continues to be a consistent source of wise counsel for many. Doug will hold this position for two years, until the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

“I am honoured to be taking on this role and look forward to collaborating with the board and the CPA Manitoba team,” he said. “Our ambitious strategic plan gives us an opportunity to be forward-thinking to help shape the future of our profession.”

As Chair, Doug will draw on nearly 40 years of financial insight involving organizations across Canada in the financial services, non-profit and healthcare sectors, gained during his 18-year tenure as Partner with BDO Canada. Prior to that, he was Partner at Sill & Company and served as an accountant with Sill Streuber Fiske & Company.

Asked what his aspirations are for CPA Manitoba, he answers “this is a pivotal time to reimagine the world we live in, and in doing so, we can drive a more diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) future for all; one that is more representative of the changing cultural landscape of our province and integrates all the varied experience that the profession has to offer.”

“When you examine the demographics of the profession, it is still lacking diversity that represents the province we live in,” he added, noting several initiatives currently underway, including one focused on bringing awareness of the profession to Indigenous communities. “Now more than ever, there is a profound opportunity to attract new and diverse talent so we can keep the profession vibrant, which echoes my deep appreciation for how cultural diversity and inclusion add resiliency to our communities and institutions.”

Doug’s extensive experience in building consensus through collaboration and strong ability to connect with others will serve him well as CPA Manitoba continues to champion DEI initiatives to meet the needs of the community and enhance the relevance of the profession for future generations.

“I’m inspired by the vision, energy and expertise of my fellow board colleagues,” asserted Doug, who outside of the profession enjoys travelling, skiing and spending time with family. “I’m confident in our collective ability to strengthen the profession and assist our members in delivering value.”

Along with his tremendous accounting knowledge and expertise, Doug is known for his kindness, thoughtful leadership, and zest for fostering strong relationships. These characteristics are also evident in his role as Governor with the Thomas Sill Foundation Inc.

“I began my career with Sill Streuber Fiske & Company,” noted Doug. “Coming full circle - starting at a firm that Thomas Sill founded and to now work in the Foundation that was created in his estate - I get to see firsthand what he has done for the Manitoba community as a philanthropist and continue his legacy. This has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.”

It is Doug’s belief in the Foundation and the value of its work that led him to become a longstanding community volunteer and shining example of what it means to give back and give forward.

“The senior partners at Sill Streuber Fiske & Company were very much focused on giving back to the community and the profession,” he explained. “They encouraged up-and-coming accountants, including myself, to lead by example." 

A community leader with a lengthy history of community service, Doug has served on several boards, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba Foundation and United Church, at a local and national level, as well as volunteering with United Way Winnipeg. His seasoned resume includes serving on the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba as an Audit Committee Member. For his many contributions to the profession, Doug was recognized as a Fellow. 

“After almost four decades of working within this incredible profession, I cannot think of a better way to work towards retirement,” said Doug. “As accounting professionals, we are well poised to be leaders in shaping the future.”

Throughout his career, Doug has displayed the professionalism and drive that are fundamental to advancing the profession, attributing his success all to the people.

“It’s not only my passion for the profession that drives me to empower others and showcase the impact CPAs can make on their community. It is the people,” he said with a smile. “The best part of my career is not what I’ve done, but who I have done it with.”